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Altamar Ticao Island Beach Resort

A dash of history. Nature at its best. And the friendliest people. All these in one beach resort are too good to be true? Not really.

Ticao Altamar nestles on a lush hillside that overlooks Ticao Pass, the shortest passage from the Pacific Ocean to Manila which Spanish galleons plied during the Manila-Acapulco trade between 1565 and 1815. We may then imagine shipwrecks and hidden treasures long recumbent beneath this placid sea.

Only fifteen minutes away from the resort on motorized outriggers, the Ticao Manta Ray Haven is playground to graceful mantas, swift hammerheads and myriad marine creatures.

Onshore, the silence is only breached by the sighs of the pristine white beach flirting with its turquoise shallows. On favored nights, the full moon rises from out of the sea and casts a vast moon river on the water surface.

But all these play only second fiddle to the bright smiles of the natives who are ever eager to welcome strangers with their unique cuisine. For all its natural wonders, Ticao Island’s warm, gentle and trusting people remain its greatest treasure.

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Email: info.altamarticao@gmail.com

Landline: 8177463 / 7797238

Mobile : 09178128618 / 09776868439


Situated at
Ticao Island,
San Jacinto, Masbate


Diving / Snorkelling
Jogging / Trekking
Horseback Riding
Island Hoping
Massage Service