San Jacinto, Masbate


San Jacinto, Masbate

Altamar Resort

Established in 2005 by family matriarch Marilyn Altarejos, it started out as a vacation house for the family.  This is the place where members of the clan would go to recharge and escape the hustle and bustle of the city life.  As more and more family clan members and friends started to flock the vacation house, Marilyn decided to add more cottages to accommodate the ever increasing visitors.  Being of entrepreneurial spirit, she decided to convert the vacation house into a resort and open it to the public.  It has become a frequent destination for divers as the famous Manta Bowl is just 15 minutes away from the resort.

Our Purpose

Altamar resort is primarily focused into becoming a major resort in the Ticao Island area.  It also aims to promote tourism in the region and provide jobs to the people in the community.

Our Mission

We believe that vacations should be stress free and be an unforgettable experience. In line with this belief, Altamar resort will strive to deliver the best service and amenities possible so that it will generate wonderful memories for every guest that visits the resort.

Our Mission

Founder Marilyn Altarejos is very hands on in the resort and continues to frequent the place, especially during peak season, to make sure that the guests are well serviced.  She is ably helped by her son Mikko, a culinary graduate, in manning the operations while her other daughter, Jannah, manages Sales and Marketing for the resort.  Majority of the staff comes from the community to provide the guests a more intimate immersion with the areas culture


Indulge yourself with Altamar’s hometown hospitality- personalized service, great food or choice of a good massage that can take all the stress away.


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Booking Address:
Suite 406 Makati Executive Center
114 L.P. Leviste St.
Corner Rufino St.
Makati City, Philippines